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Window Cleaning

Contact Us With Google Earth, we can provide you an estimate virtual and quickly – all you need to do is provide a few essential details

Window Cleaning Services

Our residential and commercial window cleaning services will leave your property’s windows streakless and shining.

Our window cleaning method keeps panes cleaner so you can enjoy a better view for longer.

How To Get Sparkling Clean Windows

The key to clean windows is to ensure that no water spots form when dissolved solids in the water dry on the glass.

The total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water differs across neighbourhoods in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Have you ever noticed water spots on your windows after washing your windows yourself? If your water has a high TDS rating, it’s comparable to cleaning your windows with a low concentration of salt water. When the water evaporates, the result is a salt-like substance on your windows.

Kasteel Exterior Cleaning

Window Cleaning Methods

We offer two window cleaning methods depending on your property and needs.

Option 1: Water-Fed Pole & Pure Water Filter

No building is too tall for us — our water-fed pole system reaches over 70feet! With this system, we quickly and efficiently eliminate months or even years of buildup from:

  • Window frames
  • Fascias
  • Soffits
  • And more

We wash your windows with a special cleaning solution and rinse with deionized water from our Pure Water Filter to prevent the aggravated buildup of water spots.

Option 2: 5-Point Premium WindowWashing

Our 5-point method is ideal for windows that require extra attention. With this window washing method, we use ladders to get close access to every window and remove small imperfections caked onto the panes.

We then wash the panes, dry them with a squeegee, and detail the edges with a microfiber towel.

We also offer interior window washing services, which are always done by hand with a squeegee.

Which Window Cleaning Method Should You Use?

When you hire Kasteel, we will measure your water TDS and recommend based on the results.

If you have a low TDS rating (<20), we can wash your house and rinse your windows without leaving noticeable water spots.

If you have a high TDS rating (40-120), we recommend window washing after a house wash using a water-fed pole.

If you have a very high TDS rating (>120), we recommend our manual window cleaning service. We use a squeegee to ensure no water dries on the windows and is most effective in fighting water spots.

In practice, a pure water filter used in the water fed pole method only removes 90-95% of the dissolved solids, so if the TDS is very high, it’s better to clean the windows with a squeegee.